◈ This unique annual KU Anatomy Forum and Aone Aesthetic Surgery Symposium will teach you how to analyze the anatomy for rhinoplasty and facial rejuvenation and to build an individualized operative plan for each patient’s cases along with operation techniques. Meeting format will include presentations, panel discussions, prerecorded video clips and Q+A sessions with audience participation as well.

◈ This meeting is separated into three programs with the first day focused on Rhinoplasty, the second day focused on Rejuvenation Surgery, and the third day focused on Cadaver Dissection Laboratory Course. The objectives of the meeting will be to teach physicians and residents to perform best practice,  safe, reproducible, aesthetic results in cosmetic medicine and surgery.

◈ Cadaver dissection laboratory course held on the third day of the symposium is carried out to help participants review the anatomy of the whole face as discussed in the symposium on fresh frozen cadaver.